Lost Paradise

                                                                                                                                                                                               On going


The mesmerizing coast of Cox bazar always attracted millions of soul seekers for decades. Human’s pure urge to open up and have a conversation with the sea is so instinctive that when I came here in my early youth, it just happened spontaneously. A bunch of us came face to face with unbounded freedom. The hot summer sand, the whirlwind and stepping on the soft, silky sand felt like out of word. The relentless white pearly waves kept on erasing the innocent footprints to make permanent impression in the hearts. It was my first love, the place and the sea.

I came to a surprise when I could not ignore the call and went back after nearly decade. It felt like a distant memory when I was walking along the glitzy shore as millions kept pouring in the commercial ventures. I could barely hear my beautiful place calling me with it restless and breathless voice. I could hear my name like a distant whisper, just once and then fading away.

The call of the great open sea does not discriminate and we embrace in millions to see, experience, feel and share when it comes to the astounding beauty of Cox Bazar. Along come the others, the business, the opportunists as the opportunity is too irresistible to ignore. It’s only a matter of time the urbanization begins, the unplanned jungle of the high rise concrete strangles the sea to breathe. The bazars become ever crowded where nature is sold and left with piles of disposable. It seems a careless race to destruction thus environment seems to be on the losing side to its other half-brother economy. Our souls do not seem to take a notice that the journey of ‘Paradise Lost’ has already begun.

Text: Shameem Sadat