On going


Cox’s Bazar is one of Bangladesh’s leading coastal areas, mainly because of its scenic beauty. Tourism in this area led to the development of facilities such as hotels, restaurants, airport, gift shops etc. and supports local communities in form of employment opportunity. Recently, this area is showing signs of negative environmental impacts such as excessive crowds, poor waste management, security issues, and unplanned construction of hotels to support excessive local tourist demand. This implies that Cox’s Bazar has socio-economic and environmental impacts mainly caused from domestic tourism.

The time 1997 was most likely, when I first went to – I saw Cox’s Bazar, I studied in school, went to Cox’s Bazar for Picnic from the school, never had the chance to see Cox’s Bazar before.

Nowadays, this Cox’s Bazar does not match with my childhood seen Cox’s Bazar.

In this unrest, I try to show the present Cox’s Bazar in my eyes.